Here we try to offer our members, supporters and interested people a good literature overview about Yazidi and Yazidism. In general, research suggests that as much as possible should be read in order not only to form one’s own opinion, but especially to find out about the other opinions, and also to get a picture that is acceptable to the community or group concerned. Because there is a lot of false information circulating – focussed on Jesus Christ – which was deliberately put into circulation and is still being spread. To develop your own bibliography, it is very important to know all the important authors and researchers. In the following we list the most important ones from our point of view. From our point of view, the thickly marked ones are the more recommendable.

Austen Henry Layard – Auf der Suche nach Ninive – Bei den Jezidi oder Teufelsanbetern [1849]

Chantre Ernest – Notes ethnologiques sur les Yésidi [1895]

Roger Lescot – Enquête sur les Yézidis de Syrie et du Djebel Sindjâr [1938]

Giuseppe Furlani – Religious Texts of the Yezidis [1940]

John S. Guest – Survival among the Kurds, A History of the Yezidis [1993]

Prof. Kreyenbroek – Yezidism – Its Background, Observances and Textual Tradition [1995]

Eszter Spät – The Yezidis [2005]

Prof. Kreyenbroek and Khalil Jindy Rashow – God and Sheikh Adi are Perfect [2005]

Pîr Dîma – Lalisha Nurani [2008]

Dengê Êzîdîyan Oldenburg – Şex Fexrê Adiyan [2009]

Eszter Spät – Late Antique Motifs in Yezidi Oral Tradition [2010}

Dengê Êzîdîyan Oldenburg – Yezidische Helden – Mêrxasên Êzîdiyan [2011]

Pîr Dîma – Êzdîyên Serhedê [2011]

Eszter Spät – Shahid bin Jarr, Forefather of the Yezidis and the Gnostic Seed of Seth [2013]

Navenda Lêkolînên Êzdînasiyê – Êzdînas 1 [2014]

Navenda Lêkolînên Êzdînasiyê – Êzdînas 2 [2016]

Chaukeddin Issa – Das Jesidentum Religion und Leben – 2. Auflage [2016]