Today the Yazidi celebrate the “Eyda Bêlinde” and “Batzimî”. We explain to you in short words the real meaning of both celebrations. The Eyda Bêlinde is divided into Bêlinda Sheikh Adi and Bêlinda Pîra and marks the time of their appearance, their “Dahirbûn” as it is called. The Bêlinda Sheikh Adi is bound to the most important saint of the Yazidi, the Bêlinda Pîra to the saint Pîr Afat and stands for his “Dahirbûn”.

In theological terminology the term Dahir plays a central role, because in the complex mythological conception of Yazidic theology there is a spiritual and a material world. We humans and everything we can touch and perceive exists and happens in this world, in the so-called “dahir”. The supersensible world is called “Batin”, it is the world of all otherworldly beings, thus also that of the angels. The appearance of holy figures is called Dahirbûn in mythology. For the mystery and the blessing power of the saints existed in the Batin, in the spiritual world, and humanised itself in the form of messengers and saints. Dahir and Batin can be translated as “revealed” and “hidden”. For example, the power of Sheikh Adi was in the Batin or Batinî, that is, hidden and was Dahir – revealed. The humanization of Sheikh Adi is still celebrated today as a day of remembrance by Yazidi, especially the Yazidi from Welatşêx

The believers bake a thin bread, called Xewlêr, into which a Kişmiş, a corinthe, is mixed. On the back of the youngest child in the house, this bread is cut into pieces and divided among the family members. Whoever finds the corinth in his piece is considered blessed for the whole year (Bêlinda Sheikh Adi). Furthermore, a fire is lit and called Gurgagay, which is skipped by the festival participants and is accompanied by dancing and singing. This is still practiced mainly by the Welatşêx-Jesidents. In the same festival cycle the Dahirbûn of Saint Pîr Afat is celebrated. Also in the same period the Yazidi from Turkey, from the areas around Nisêbîn and Merdîn (Çelka Yazidi) celebrate the regional Batizmî festival. This festival is celebrated in memory of Pîrê Al/Pîr Alî/Pîalî, he travelled around Yazidi villages and instructed the population in ascetic practices.

We wish the Yazidi beautiful holidays with their families and friends.