When a life is extinguished, it is always a tragedy. However, when a young life is taken, one that had already experienced unimaginable suffering and survived ISIS murder gangs, it is a human catastrophe.

ARKAN was ripped out of life behind his back at the age of 15. Let’s call it by its name and leave out the terms relevant to courtrooms such as “alleged” and “manslaughter”. It was simply murder!

But: getting loudly excited about society and justice does not help. What we have to do now is to show solidarity with Arkan’s family and help them through this difficult time.

We, Registered Association of Yazidi Issues, after consultation with the Arkans family and in cooperation with the ZÊD, start a fundraising campaign for the family of the murdered man.

Arkans Eltern

With a SMS to 81190 with the word ARKAN you donate 10,-€ to Arkans family.

If you want to donate more, you can also do it via PayPal here, also via bank transfer.

Bank account details
Stelle für Jesidische Angelegenheiten e.V.

DE43 100500000 190529202



If you would like to be named as a donor, please send us a mail or a message via Facebook and Instagram after the donation.

Participation and sharing is very welcome.

Drawing: Sedat Oezgen