The young Yazidi Khaled Shamo is currently experiencing the full force of Iraqi judicial arbitrariness and is sentenced to death. He is denied a fair trial and all evidence and testimonies of his innocence are ignored. Instead, the court relies on the testimony of a completely blind man who is said to have identified the young man as the apparent perpetrator. Apparently, Iraq’s arbitrary justice system only needs one guilty person, and ideally it will find this person in a member of defenceless minorities – in this case in Yazidi Khaled.

Our call to all those who enjoy democracy, law and justice in Germany, Europe and the entire free world: show solidarity with those who are plagued by arbitrariness, injustice and oppression. For in many cases even the lives of these innocent people hang on your voice. Raise it now – for justice, justice, democracy and freedom.

Lift them up for Khaled. We take the first step and draw attention to his fate by changing our profile pictures on the social platforms. Join in!

Drawing: Sedat Oezgen