Three years ago today, on August 3, 2014, a genocide was committed in Shingal – the home of the Yazidi in northern Iraq: under the eyes of the world community and abandoned by those who should have been responsible for their protection, they became victims of the terror organization ISIS. Thousands of innocent people were murdered, thousands were kidnapped, thousands are still missing today. All because they were Yazidis.

And despite the genocide they suffered, this small community finds new strength in its own faith. A Yazidi prayer says to be a Yazidi means to be a good person. But you don’t have to be a Yazidi to be good. To underline this, we as the board of directors of the association Stelle für Jesidische Angelegenheiten, which is committed to the welfare of the Yazidis and the peaceful coexistence of all peoples, are pleased to inform you that we will soon be able to award the “Ring for Humanity” for the first time.

The “Ring for Humanity”, initiated by Registered Association of Yazidi Issues, will be awarded to selected people of non-Jesidian origin who have worked in a special way for the benefit of the Yezidi community. It symbolizes the thanks and the deep appreciation that members of the Yazidi community feel for these helpers.