Duhok – On two days we distributed food rations (consisting of rice, oil, sugar, soap etc.) and gas bottles to the most needy in the Sharia Camp.

At 40°C any help is gratefully accepted. Our aid provided on the ground is only a drop in the ocean, but it is clear that help on the ground is more necessary than ever: the political situation has become much more difficult, there are hardly any aid organisations left in the camps, neither from abroad nor from within the country, and the people have learned to take care of themselves.

This is one of the reasons why people from the camps are returning to their almost completely destroyed homes in Shingal. But there is no functioning infrastructure there: neither the water nor the electricity supply has been restored to the terrorists since liberation. Furthermore, people are afraid of a coming conflict between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi army and Shiite militias, who have some Yazidi villages under their control.

We were able to deliver some food to the Harman orphanage in Khanke. Thanks to Kheri, who welcomed us very friendly.

What we can do for these people in need is not to forget them and to appeal to aid organisations to keep up their work in order to give at least a spark of hope to those most in need.