Majid Hassan Ali, completed his doctoral research with a focus on religious minorities in Iraq, at the University of Bamberg, Institute of Oriental Studies, Bamberg Graduate School of Near and Middle Eastern Studies (BaGOS), Bamberg, Germany. He is a lecturer at Duhok University in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He is also a board member of the International Yezidi Theological Academy (IYTA) in Tbilisi, Georgia. His research interest includes difficulties and challenges faced by ethnic and religious minorities in Muslim majority countries in the Middle East.

International Yezidi Theological Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a decisive contribution worldwide to the preservation and research of Yezidism. The IYTA maintains a partnership with the Ilia State University in Tbilisi. As part of this cooperation, the teaching and the concept of the academy are developed, conferences were held and articles and books printed. Yezidi theology is held as a project by both research institutes, after completing the theology studies, the university certificate is awarded on behalf of the academy and the university. In the history of the Yezidi, this agreement is the first, that enables them to teach and further research their religious theory in an academic setting and partnership with a state university.

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